Natural skin care saved my face...

So my skin has had a hard time adjusting to being on antidepressants...which means I've had an even harder time trying to get my skin issues under control. *UGH*. I've never really struggled with acne. Sure, I've had the occasional hormonal breakout. But growing up I never dealt with consistent acne that is stubborn as fuck and doesn't want to bow down to any product. My skin was practically flawless before I started taking meds to help stabilize my mental health. Now that I'm in my late twenties I have cystic acne. Its absolutely awful and it fucking hurts. I'm so over it. I've traded out the products I use at least three times. I'm talking about everything. I even switched out all of my makeup. Trying to find what helps my skin has not only been frustrating, it's been expensive. But I'm happy to announce that I've finally found what works for me and it's not expensive high end shit. I've switched over to all natural products. No toxins, gentle on the skin and most importantly, it works. Goodbye, oily cystic acne ridden skin. Hello natural glow! My skin is finally ready for those makeup free summer days. I'm really excited about these products and I'm excited to tell you all about them! So lets jump right in!

First off I use my Vanity Planet spin brush with Garnier Skin Active charcoal face soap to attack my oiliness. I was hesitant when I got this stuff because it's drugstore face wash, but I am so happy I ended up throwing it in my basket on a whim. This stuff helps me not look like a grease ball even when I can't use all my other products. I wash first thing in the morning and before bed after I remove my makeup. Double washing is important. I use Dark Angels in the shower to exfoliate my face. It's another charcoal product which has become a staple in my routine. Charcoal has been a godsend. A few times a week I will use a Dr. G brightening peel that makes my face feel like a babies soft. Depending on my skin I will either use Lush's Cup O'Coffee mask every day or a couple times a week. That also makes my face silky smooth. I absolutely swear by the tea tree toner water from Lush (I'm a lush addict...duh!) Toner is also very important for you to have in your skin care routine so if you don't have some already, go get some. 

I can't say enough how truly amazing Muddy Body is. I own pretty much everything from their site. I use their charcoal detox mask the most, as you can see. It's almost time for a new bottle. The refresh and relax masks are really amazing as well, but for my oily problematic skin, detox is my favorite. I've only had their glow elixir for a few days, but I'm already head over heels for it. Mmmm, so dewy. For spot treatment I found this brand TreeActiv online and it was cheap so I figured I'd give it a shot. What's there to lose? It didn't break the bank so if I didn't like it it wouldn't be that big of a deal. I got really lucky with this product, it's amazing. I mean its fuuuuuucking amazing. I woke up one morning with three gnarly cystic lumps in my chin and I slapped some of this stuff on before bed that night and by morning they were at least 75% better. They were still a little red, but they weren't giant painful bumps in my chin so I'm not complaining. I will never live another day without owning this stuff, thank you TreeActiv! Since I've been talking about charcoal so much I wanted to talk about how I whiten my teeth with it. I know it's not skin care related, but it is natural so I figure it still applies to this post. I freaking love this stuff. I have sensitive teeth so traditional whitening strips and uv lights just didn't work for me. I'd have white teeth but at what cost? Extreme pain when a cold breeze hits my mouth? No thanks. Carbon Coco has been incredible though. It's messy, but having to clean up charcoal all over your bathroom for pearly white teeth is more than worth it. It doesn't taste like anything which is kind of weird when you're sitting there brushing for five minutes, but it does have somewhat of a chalky texture to it. It's not too bad though, its something I only noticed the first couple times using it but now it's just like brushing my teeth with I get to spit out black shit which looks really cool (it makes my inner goth princess happy.) I noticed it working after a few days which was another thing that really sold me on this product. It's not damaging your teeth the way chemical whiteners do, so you can use it as often as you want. Good stuff. 10/10 recommend. 

MY OILS! Ohhhhmygod guys, I can't live without this stuff. You're probably wondering why someone with oily skin uses so much oil, I questioned it at first as well, it just didn't make sense to me. The more I read up about facial oils the more I understood and my skin has thanked me for all that research. Jojoba oil is unique in that, unlike most other vegetable oils, it closely resembles sebum, a waxy substance produced by our skin glands, so it can act as a natural skin conditioner. It actually helps to control oily skin and acne. I have psoriasis and jojoba oil is amazing when I have breakouts. It's also great for sunburns which is an added benefit. Rosehip oil is a great anti-aging oil and it also helps with redness and scarring which is perfect for me since my cystic acne makes my skin red and can scar it even when I don't pick at it..(I'm awful, I know!) Bio Oil Helps with the appearance of stretch marks, scars and uneven skin town. Its recommended to use for three months consistently to see the best results, but I've only had it for about four weeks and I already notice a difference so I'm confident that my stretch marks and scars will look even less visible in a couple months. Castor oil isn't exactly for my skin, but it's another product I couldn't not tell you about. I use it on my eyebrows and eyelashes to promote thicker, longer hair. It's definitely made a difference. My lashes are a lot thicker and my eyebrows are starting to get fuller. After shaving off the ends of my brows this stuff has brought them back to life, so I definitely suggest it if you feel like your brows are on the weak side. 

Another product that is not related to skin care but is also an all natural "beauty" product is this tub of goodness. Deodorant is something most people I know struggle with. Some keep you dry but don't help with smell, others help with smell but don't keep you dry, some don't do anything except get white marks all over the bottom of your shirt. Most of them have aluminum which is horrible for you. Stay the fuck away from deodorants with aluminum, trust me. I've tried four other natural deodorants but none came close to what Primal Pit Paste has done for me. It smells fantastic (I actually enjoy checking my pits to see if they stink now...because they don't) and it keeps me SO dry. I will never try another deodorant again you guys. This stuff is it. It's all I need. It is a little weird to have to use a stick of your fingers to rub paste in your pits, but I'd rather do that than worry about pit stains or if I smell all day. A few seconds of weirdness is worth an entire day of blissfully dry and fantastic smelling armpits...if you ask me. 

So there you have it. The products I swear by. I wish it didn't take me so long to find these products, but I'm so glad I did. Having acne in your late twenties is so not fun. Being able to wake up and not have to wear makeup if I don't want to is amazing. I spend more days with a bare face than I do with makeup on these days and I love that. Everyones skin is different so I can't tell you if these products will work for you or not. They're just the products that work for me and I wanted to share them with you. Maybe you'll try them and they'll work out for you. I hope that's the case. We all deserve to feel beautiful in our own skin <3

a mild breakout (I never took photos when my face was really broken out) compared to now. I still have redness in my chin, but it isn't painful, irritated or bumpy anymore. It makes for flawessly smooth makeup! The redness on my nose is unrelated to skin issues, it's just swollen from surgery so it's a little discolored and I cant attack those nose blackheads until I'm fully healed...ARRRHHHGGGG! I'm still so happy to see improvement even though theres room for improvement. 

My skin is still far from perfect, but it's getting better. I just have to keep up with my routine, drink more water and wait to see an even better outcome. Going in for my first facial might help too! Makeup or not, my skin is smoother and happier which makes me happy. I hope something in this post is helpful for you. Let me know! Tag me in a selfie ;)